An interview with Silke Kobel for International Women's Day 2020

I’ve worked at IIC for over 20 years in different positions, now as a Business Unit Coordinator. My daily workload is varied and I enjoy project work, admin, and liaising across the different teams at IIC. I always work independently and I endeavor to be reliable, respectful and customer focus driven.

I’ve offered to share my story today because I believe women have so many talents and sometimes, they do not have the chance to show them. IWD 2020 is a step in communicating how society and companies can ensure we strive towards equality.

I believe all of us can be stronger and achieve more when we are talking about equality. It is an important step and one that will hopefully lead to concrete actions and equal treatment for all women worldwide.

The advice I would give to anyone starting work now is that being successful in work is important, but it should not be the only target in life. Real success is doing what makes you happy, doing good work and hopefully having a fruitful life. I would say maintain a positive attitude, respect and inspire your colleagues and always put the customer first.

I’ve loved working in different countries (Germany, South Africa) and now work here in Switzerland. Since having children IIC gave me the chance to work part time at 50%, which is great. In an ideal world where each for equal happened I would like to see more part time opportunities for women out there in the market place. Sometimes I feel that it is crazy that women are overqualified in their jobs and companies do not use their potential in order to benefit from it.

My advice for #eachforequal is be you! The world needs your unique strengths. Trying to be a clone of someone else, or to be someone you are expected to be, won’t work. Be brave and fearless to live the story of your own unique life.