Talking empowerment with Laura Judd a Product Developer at IIC

I am a Product Developer responsible for Ladies Ski, Boardshorts and Pool and have worked for IIC for the last 8 years. I find my position here at IIC very rewarding and I often need to be flexible and open-minded as the garment industry is always changing, any problem you might have today will never return in the same way.

I’ve had a varied career at IIC, I was asked to work in China for a year. In retrospect, I would call this year the most challenging but also the most rewarding time of my life. During this time I had the chance to help colleagues with their personal development, to believe in themselves and achieve more happiness. I believe strongly that you can do business and personally grow at the same time, for the overall benefit of the organisation.

If I look at people who has inspired me Gwyneth Paltrow is a role model because she started a great business from scratch. She is the new definition of a “GIRLBOSS”!

I also admire Richard Branson, because he is just so wonderfully eccentric and takes on the craziest projects and always spreads a positive vibe wherever he goes.

I volunteered to be part of IWD 2020 because I believe that we should all empower each other and stay positive and professional. I believe that the Sporting Goods Industry can make sure job seekers are chosen for their skills and not by their gender.

To ensure #eachforequal we need to respect each other, be honest and fair and empower each other.