Globally, the awareness of ecological pressures caused by climate change and pollution has increased drastically over the last years. We have seen how the effects of it impact life, including the way athletes can practice their sports. Therefore, our concern for nature and the protection of it is high.

At INTERSPORT we continuously try to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities while responding to increasing consumer pressure and tightening regulations.

Knowing that most of our environmental footprint is caused during the manufacturing process, it is important to apply due diligence at every stage of the IIC value chain and work closely with suppliers to monitor and report on environmental impact data.

In order to tackle any difficulties of monitoring and measuring the environmental impact of our business activities  along the value chain we have joined the amfori BEPI providing us tools that target 11 environmental performance areas, e.g. use of energy and water, emissions to air, waste management.

Not only is it important for us to reduce our environmental impact along our supply chain, but also at our headquarter in Bern, Switzerland. As part of our environmental performance, we therefore monitor our energy and water use, our waste generation, as well as the business travels of our employees.

We are in the process of measuring our carbon footprint at our offices and established new business travel policies with travelling less and flying carbon neutral.

We know that this is not a direct solution to tackle pollution, however, it is the first step to reduce our impact, while supporting diverse projects to preserve nature worldwide. In the meantime, we are working towards finding other solutions to reduce our impact meaningful.

We are still at the beginning, but we are committed on improving our overall environmental footprint within the coming years.