For over 40 years McKINLEY has been equipping consumers with the functional products they need to Escape to Nature.

With people in mind and the outdoors at heart, our gear is designed for everyone – from the Outdoor Enthusiast to the Snowsports Escapist.



The McKINLEY brand was founded in 1983, with its first collection launching in 1984. The name McKINLEY comes from one of the greatest and most historical mountains worldwide. The Mount McKINLEY (now known as Denali) is located in Alaska, and is the highest Mountain in North America. This gives it a place amongst the famous seven summits, which respectively represent the highest peak of each continent.



With this great heritage in mind and manifested in the brand name, we’re motivated day by day to serve our consumers’ needs with the best products possible for their various mountain sports activities.  We have the perfect equipment no matter whether it’s summer or winter, and no matter which performance/ intensity level the activity has. McKINLEY takes care of the consumer and helps them escape to nature.

McKINLEY helps outdoor enthusiasts to fulfil their next activity.


McKINLEY offers everything you need to make it your perfect moment in the snow.

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