Because Intersport Cares

Our world is far from perfect, but every good act makes a difference. As the beating heart of sport in Shanghai, INTERSPORT is just as committed to making our community a better place as we are about providing you with the best running solution. We promise to protect the environment, our customers, and our team members. This promise is why we have prioritized social and environmental impact as every step of our business.
Here’s a recap of what we’ve done to meet this objective in 2020, and what we plan to do starting in 2021!

1. "One man's trash is another man's treasure"

BlankAttire and shoes do have a running lifespan, but once that lifespan is over, your shoes and clothes can live on. For gently used items that still have a bit of “kick” in them, you can donate them in the INTERSPORT store. INTERSPORT has teamed up with “Heart To Heart” to provide donated clothing to those in rural Chinese villages. Six times a year, INTERSPORT will provide a store discount for all donations, which can be placed in the black basket at our door.

But what about the items that are too used to be donated? Regardless of the condition, most fabrics can be recycled. INTERSPORT will still collect your hole-covered socks and pit stained shirts to be donated to a fabric recycling facility. Keep an eye out for our next INTERSPORT Cares article announcing our new partnership!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first donation program in September and October. Here’s what our community was able to donate or recycle in the first donation round:

Our next donation round starts on Sunday, November 1st and we’ll collecting until the end of December! Provide warmth and protection to others this holiday season by dropping off your donations at INTERSPORT. We’ll announce the new holiday donation discount soon.

2. We run for a reason!

Put your steps to good use by running for a good cause with INTERSPORT. This month, we start our “Running For A Reason” Series, a new monthly program in which we team up with a nonprofit to run while benefiting society or the environment.

Our inaugural event will be held on November 21st in Qingshan Village, Hangzhou. Qingshan Village is an ecological global case study and a hub for quite a few nonprofits, including ReLabs, our new partner. Our new partnership involves helping the village develop through trail creation, responsible ecological tourism, and providing assistance for ReLabs’s new self-sustaining Green Gym.

Interested in helping this community thrive? Join us on November 21st in creating a new trail for the village. This trail will be used to draw in tourists, as well as provide a new path for the farmers who work there. We’ll be clearing debris, chopping down and removing flammable dead bamboo, and supporting the local chefs with a homecooked, healthy meal. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to work out in ReLab’s Green Gym and learn about the impact of the multiple NGOs who have made the village their home and what we can do to further support them. Proceeds from our “Running For A Reason” days will be used to benefit the Qingshan community and INTERSPORT promises to make an extra donation for every person who registers.

Not available in November or cannot leave Shanghai? No problem. December’s Running For A Reason Day is focused on trash! INTERSPORT and Trash Runners are teaming up again to organize a day of plogging in a more “rural” area of Shanghai. Help us make our community a better place to run in by joining us for a day of plogging!

More details will be announced shortly!

3. Green is the new black

To better battle the ever-growing global waste issue, INTERSPORT is focused on producing as little trash as possible. Over the course of the year, we will be decreasing waste in all aspects of our store. This new initiative includes no more plastic, no more unnecessary packaging, and introducing new environmentally friendly items in our product selection. We invite the community to help us with this new initiative by sharing with us your ideas on how we can further reach our zero-waste goal!

4. Change starts in the home

INTERSPORT is dedicated to being a role model for society, starting with each individual person on our team. Over the last few months, we have formed healthy and green habits in the office to better help us encourage the same types of habits in society.

Once a week, we have a collection of daily challenges to promote environmental and health awareness. These challenges include “Meatless Monday,” “No Coffee Tuesday,” “Active Lunch Wednesday,” “No Wai Mai/Takeout Thursday,” and “Zero Waste Friday.” We also start every lunch break with an all-office 2-minute plank and end the workday by ensuring all lights, computers, and everything else that consumes electricity is off.

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our partners and supporters who have helped us have such as successful start to these new initiatives.

We look forward to continuing and developing these programs so that every year our community can become healthier and greener!