B2 Mission Accomplished

Shanghai is not just known as China’s road running haven, but it’s also home to some of Asia’s most insane. Robin Trebbe and Kate Hill, two of Shanghai’s B2Mission team members, decided to knock out two birds with one stone by using the B2Mission challenge as a way to train for and fulfill their September +10km Insanity Challenge requirement: run 90Km within 24 hours.

Created to keep runners motivated to stay fit during the worse months of COVID-19, the +10km Insanity Challenge is a monthly running challenge that starts with a 10km run in January, 20km run in February, and continues every month until the 120km run in December is completed. The rules are simple: you must complete your run within one calendar day, unless it’s an overnight race. In that case, it must be done within 24 hours, or in one go if it’s a race that lasts beyond 24 hours. For more information, check out the attached article that will be locally published in Shanghai soon.

Robin and Kate are 9 or the original 19 participants still taking part in the challenge and had to complete 90km sometime during September. Starting shortly after midnight, Robin chose to use Shanghai’s wide range of running groups to knock out his 90k, completing it in just under 9 hours. Kate, a trail runner, participated in a 118km, (or in her case 132km after getting lost a few times), trail race on the Great Wall to complete her 90km run requirement and put a dent in the B2Mission Challenge. Despite such a long detour while getting lost, she still made the top 10 overall in the race and placed first in the women’s category.

Robin and Kate are looking forward to future challenges and will be sure to continue spicing up the challenges with more insane runs.