SINCE 1968

History of


The beginning

The popularity of sports skyrocketed in the late 60’s as the world bore witness to the most iconic sporting moments to date.
It was precisely at this time that 10 national buying organizations came together in Berne, Switzerland to found IIC, INTERSPORT – the first ever international sports-based retail group and what would become the biggest sports retailer worldwide!
Soon after the initial 10 countries joined forces, Finland and Canada also became part of the INTERSPORT Group.


Here comes

With a new logo, INTERSPORT was ready to take on the 70’s.
Over the next 10 years, INTERSPORT was the official sports retailer at the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972, Innsbruck in 1976 and Moscow in 1980.

the seas

INTERSPORT launched its first 3 exclusive brands: McKINLEY, etirel and TECNOpro.
As Eastern Europe opened up, so did more stores. By the early 90’s, INTERSPORT had over 3000 locations worldwide.
Conversations with the major global sport brands resulted in Strategic Brand partnerships.


New logo and
exclusive brands

And INTERSPORT became their #1 retail partner. In addition to increased efficiency, INTERSPORT gained access to the latest product innovations, improved margins and established long-term sustainable brand partnerships.
The goal of making INTERSPORT a credible and recognized brand name was realized as the group sponsored major sporting events all over the world.



Asia became the main producer of sporting goods and the IIC opened its own sourcing office in Hong Kong, quickly moving to mainland China.
Moving into the new millennium, the world became more connected than ever. The time was ripe to open stores in the Middle East, China, Australia and South America.
With the continued growth of new stores, the IIC moved into its new built global Headquarters in Berne, Switzerland.


than ever

Successful global marketing campaigns propelled the brand forward, making INTERSPORT the #1 multi-sporting goods destination.


Ongoing growth

Athleisure grew as a trend, having a distinct impact on the sporting goods industry.
The addition of the Athlete’s Foot retail banner extended INTERSPORT’s reach to more lifestyle-minded consumers.
Today, the digital office in Amsterdam drives the Group’s digital vision in retail, communication and e-commerce.


The journey

Since the 60’s, INTERSPORT has grown tremendously to become a vertical retail organization representing a global omni-channel specialist that interacts with consumers both on- and offline 24/7.
Over 65,000 employees help more than 650,000 customers world-wide every day.
Driven by our group-wide entrepreneurial spirit, we are confident in our future.
We will always be ahead at the beating heart of sport.