STORY | February 27, 2024

Another successful year for the INTERSPORT Group

Bern (Switzerland), February 23, 2024 INTERSPORT, the global sporting goods retailer, concluded the year 2023 with retail sales totalling EUR 13.7 billion. This achievement matched the record set in the previous year, despite a highly challenging business landscape. At the end of the calendar year, the INTERSPORT Group boasted a network of 5,381 stores worldwide, an increase of 72 stores compared to the previous year, solidifying its presence in 42 countries around the globe.

After having embarked on the year with a strong start, sales development slowed down after the first quarter. The latter was caused by a combination of factors like the tough economic and geopolitical climate, ongoing supply chain challenges, high inventories, and rising operational costs. Despite these difficulties, the INTERSPORT Group maintained and even further expanded its strong position in many markets.

A global survey reveals that despite challenging conditions, certain INTERSPORT markets experienced exponential growth. Within National Organizations, there were standout performers that notably surpassed others. In this context some nations reported exceptional growth, along with countries like France, Greece, Ireland, and with the whole Central and Eastern European region, where robust double-digit growth could be achieved.

Additionally, a notable trend emerged with positive sales growth in footwear and hardware, contrasting with the overall decline in apparel sales. Finally, it became evident that consumers overwhelmingly returned to brick-and-mortar retail channels.

Positive outlook
IIC’s CEO, Steve Evers, expresses optimism regarding the future growth of INTERSPORT: “Despite the challenging climate, we anticipate a dynamic and successful year ahead with our INTERSPORT Banner, given the major events taking place in 2024 i.e. the European Football Championship in Germany and the Olympic Games in France, where we plan to open flagship stores in central Paris. We are highly optimistic about our ability to capitalize on these opportunities and achieve robust growth once again.”


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