STORY | April 21, 2022

Sami Kiiski elected to the Board of Management of IIC – INTERSPORT International Corporation

Bern (Switzerland), April 21, 2022The shareholders of IIC – INTERSPORT International Corporation (IIC) unanimously elected Sami Kiiski (46) to the IIC Board of Management as representative of the Nordic national Organizations.

During the INTERSPORT Leadership Summit, the first physical gathering of the national INTERSPORT organizations after the COVID pandemic, also an extra-ordinary General Meeting of the IIC shareholders took place. In this meeting a successor of Lars Kristian Lindberg in the IIC Board of Management had to be elected. The delegates unanimously elected Sami Kiiski, the CEO of INTERSPORT Finland as member of the IIC Board of Management until the Annual General Meeting 2025.

Rick White, Chairman of the IIC Board of Management stated: “In today’s dynamic and challenging business environment INTERSPORT needs strong and visionary leadership. We must be prepared to undertake decisions that chart the correct course for continuous and successful development in all our markets around the globe. I am pleased to welcome Sami Kiiski the CEO from INTERSPORT Finland to IIC’s Board of Management as the representative for the Nordic countries. INTERSPORT and the Board of Management will be the beneficiary of Sami’s extensive international experience in retail, wholesale and digital on both operative and strategic levels.”

Sami Kiiski was pleased with the confidence placed in him and said: “I am looking forward to taking over the tasks of a Member of the IIC Board of Management. I am aware of the responsibility that goes with it. We have a mandate to bundle the various interests of our leading sports retailers around the globe and to speak with one strong voice to the industry for the benefit of all their retailers and the consumers.”