Else Lautala - triple fitness world champion

January 1, 2010

Numerous national and international titles in Fitness and in Sport aerobics. Else is a three times fitness world champion. She has won the the Ms Fitness World Championships in (2003) and in (2005) and Fitness America World Championship in 2007. Moreover, she has won Ms Bikini Universe in 2007 and several other titles in the sport modeling industry.

Else is a very outgoing person full of energy. She runs her own company named Passion for Sport and she has always been inspiring and supporting many people with their fitness careers. Her choreographies can be seen in many different fitness arenas, sport aerobic clubs and dance shows. Else herself performs around the world in several different events and TV shows.

  • It´s easy to set the goals for yourself, Else tells.
  • The hard part is to achieve them. I think you need your heart to follow your dreams, but passion, focused mind and determination can make your dreams come true Else illuminates her beliefs.