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McKINLEY stands for functional outdoor products for more than 30 years, allowing outdoor intusiasts and active families to explore nature and experience the Great Outdoors the way you enjoy it the most. We endeavour to make things easier for you and to give you more security in unknown and known territory. It’s an easy choice: our products are extremely well “equipped” in terms of value for money.

McKINLEY offers you a broad range of equipment: from mountaineering, trekking and hiking to trail running and mountain biking; from snowshoeing to skiing; for alpine enthusiasts or urban warriors; for campers or backpackers; for men, women and kids alike. Don’t look any further; McKINLEY is the right brand for all your hardware, apparel and accessory needs!


It doesn’t necessarily have to be Mount Denali to enjoy the beauty and adventure of the Great Outdoors. Still, the highest mountain in North America (6,194 metres) is the eponym for our brand, because its breath-taking appearance stands for everything that McKINLEY outdoor equipment is designed for: adventure, performance, originality and the elements. The wild beauty of untouched nature in this mountain’s surroundings and the many adverse conditions that passionate hikers have to face when attempting to climb it are what McKINLEY outdoor equipment is meant to cope with. McKINLEY is ready to accept the challenge. Are you? Located only two degrees south of the Arctic Circle, Mount McKinley’s environment is an eternal winter. Up there in Alaska, climbers can feel the thinner troposphere and the fierce pressure differences. The geographic location causes adventurers to experience altitude problems and effects on the body that are usually only known from expeditions to the Himalayas. Not to mention that unlike in the Himalayas, you have to carry your own gear and food since there are no Sherpas available. Those attempting the summit have to show great passion, fitness and expertise.

With the tough conditions of Mount Denali in mind, the McKINLEY brand represents the same passion and 30 years of outdoor expertise. As one of Europe’s leading suppliers of high-quality equipment, McKinley promises to offer the right products for your own personal outdoor adventure, at a value for money that cannot be beat. Because we want you to always be well prepared for both the beauty and the adversities out there.

McKINLEY products offer everything you need – guaranteed. And even after 30 years, none of our products hit the shelves unless they were tested by ourselves so that you can depend on them living up to their promise. So whether you want to climb Mount McKinley or a somewhat lower summit – get ready and experience what it means to be “next door to nature” with McKINLEY.